Date: 2017. Mar 28. (Tue), 9:00
Title: Kramer B.,Thielmann J.: Monitoring the live to dead transition of bacteria during thermal stress by a multi-method approach Journal of Microbiological Methods 123 (2016) 24–30
Lecturer: Tiszlavicz Ádám
Category: Journal Club
Location: 326, Biochemistry Board-Room


Date: 2017. Mar 29. (Wed), 9:00
Title: Mónika Lingvay
Liu C et al. Nanowire−bacteria hybrids for unassisted solar carbon dioxide fixation to value-added chemicals Nano Letters, 15, 3634, 2015

Ádám Tiszlavicz
Murati T et al. Reduced cytotoxicity in PCB-exposed Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells pretreated with vitamin E Food and Chemical Toxicology, 99, 17, 2017
Category: Journal Club
Location: 338, Biophysics Board-room