Plant Biology

Date: 2017. May 29. (Mon), 10:00
Title: More about the molecular biology of photomorphogenesis
Lecturer: Ferenc Nagy
Category: Seminar
Location: 310, Plant Biology Board-Room


Date: 2017. May 30. (Tue), 9:00
Title: Zeiss workshop
Category: Seminar
Location: 320, Genetics Board-Room


Date: 2017. May 30. (Tue), 9:00
Title: Ayushi Kamthan, Mohan Kamthan, Asis Datta: Expression of C-5 sterol desaturase from an edible mushroom in fisson yeast enhances its ethanol and thermotolerance PloS One, 2017 12(3):e0173381
Lecturer: Gudmann Péter
Category: Journal Club
Location: 326, Biochemistry Board-Room